why you should start a vpn business


6 Reasons Why You Should Start a VPN Business.

  • 4 minutes Read
  • 16 Feb 2024
  • Khan Al Amin

Are you planning to start a VPN business? In an era dominated by digital connectivity and an ever-growing emphasis on online security, the demand for Virtual Private Network (VPN) services has skyrocketed. Entrepreneurs seeking lucrative opportunities in the tech industry are increasingly getting involved in the idea of starting their own VPN business. From the analysis of market demand to the potential for innovation and growth, discover why investing in a VPN business could be the key to both professional success and contributing to a safer online experience for users worldwide.  In this blog, we’ll dive into the six compelling reasons why launching your own VPN business is not only a timely endeavor but also a strategic move that aligns with the evolving needs of today’s digital society.

Huge Market Demand

vpn market growth

According to Precedence research, the current value of the VPN market is $48.94 billion and it’s expected to grow to around $359 billion in 2032. With the growing concern for online security, the demand for VPNs will continue to grow in the upcoming years. So, there is a high chance of success if you venture into this realm. The VPN industry is one of the worthiest options for entrepreneurs to explore.

Needs Lower Investment

It is obvious that starting a VPN business is neither cheap nor easy. You need a good amount of investment and solid technical knowledge to start a VPN business. Still, starting a VPN business needs a lower investment compared to other tech businesses. Building a million-dollar business with a VPN needs far less investment than other ventures. To know more about the investment and technical requirements to start a VPN business, read this article.

Exponential growth

The VPN industry has grown exponentially in the last decade and is expected to continue the growth. From the Middle East to North America, every region has experienced huge growth in terms of VPN adoption. According to research, the VPN industry will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37% in upcoming years. Global VPN brands like Nord VPN, Express VPN, Surfshark VPN, PIA VPN, etc are making tons of money from this industry. If you are an eager entrepreneur and seeking a profitable venture, just join the race and try your luck.

High Marginal Profit

VPN has one of the highest marginal profit ratios in the tech industry. Once you complete the app development process and penetrate the market, you just need maintenance and server renting costs. You can get around 70% to 80% marginal profit from each subscription. So, it is surely a wise decision to start a VPN business considering such a profit margin.

Easy to Start

Starting a VPN business has one of the lowest entry barriers among all profitable business ventures. You just need a functional VPN app with protocol and server configuration. Moreover, Kolpolok Limited is always here to help you make your starting easier with all kinds of technical support. To learn more about how to start a VPN business, you can read this article.

Passive Income Opportunities

Passive income is one of the most demanded income streams nowadays. Traditionally passive income businesses needed either a lot of money or a lot of risk. But, the VPN business neither requires a lot of investment nor a lot of risk. By owning a VPN business, you can make money while sleeping or having fun with your friends and family if you can acquire a loyal customer base. To know more about passive income opportunities with VPN business, you can read this article.

Final Thoughts

Every statistic you explore on the VPN industry, you will find the enormous potential of this industry. If you are planning to invest in the tech industry, you should consider the VPN industry as your top priority. At Kolpolok Limited, we are assisting VPN startups to start their business at a minimum cost and barrier. We have a team of 60+ expert developers, designers, SQA engineers, marketers, and researchers with a decade of experience in the VPN industry to help you. We have already worked with 108+ VPN brands including Symlex VPN, Start VPN, Noon VPN, Vava VPN, etc. You are requested to contact us for a free consultation regarding VPN business.

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