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White-Label VPN: A Full-Spectrum Overview

  • 6 minutes Read
  • 19 Sep 2023
  • Khan Al Amin

Choosing a white-label VPN is a smart move to boost your VPN business. It offers a ready-made application with essential features, and in a rapidly growing industry due to increasing cyber threats, VPNs have seen a 41% surge in the past year alone. The market is substantial, estimated at around 46 billion USD, and expected to reach 137 billion USD by 2030, making it an appealing investment. However, starting a VPN business has its challenges, like setting up infrastructure and managing servers. The solution lies in a white-label VPN, which can help you overcome these obstacles and accelerate your success in the industry. So, let’s explore how to launch your VPN business using a white-label solution and see how it can make your entrepreneurial journey faster and more successful.

What is White-Label VPN?

Before we dive deeper into the realm of white-label VPN solutions, let’s illuminate the term “White-Label” itself. It embodies a concept shrouded in versatility, signifying a product or service that stands unbranded, ready to embark on a journey of transformation. In the context of VPN technology, a white-label VPN represents a pre-packaged VPN application, fully equipped for launch yet awaiting the distinct mark of a new name and brand identity.

Types of White-Label VPN

There are two types of white-label VPN solutions. Let’s have a brief idea about these two-

Stand Alone Solution

In the stand-alone solution, you need to buy the VPN app with the source code or in other words you have to build a VPN solution from scratch. You will get full control and ownership of the app. In the stand-alone solution, you will get a higher profit margin. But you should keep in mind that in a stand-alone solution, you need to have the capability to manage the servers and support team by yourself. It might cost a little more, but the profit margin is much higher. So, certainly, the investment is worth it. Learn more about how to build a VPN from scratch here.

Hosted Solution

In a hosted solution, the white-label solution provider will prepare the app for you, and integrate your app with their existing business, and they will provide 24/7 support to the app users. Along with that, you will get an admin panel to manage as well as numbers reports related to the business. It’s less costly and less complicated compared to the stand-alone solution. Furthermore, you won’t need to bear the cost of server management and customer support. Additionally, it’s good to remember that whether you have a hosted solution or a stand-alone solution, marketing, branding, and sales are your responsibility. Learn more about VPN sales and marketing strategy here.

Why Choose a White-Label VPN Solution?

Building a VPN app is one of the most complicated tasks. You need to have programming knowledge, protocol expertise, and other technical skills to build your solution. Also, you will require to hire designers, developers, project managers, QA engineers, and other operational employees to develop the solution. Additionally, you have to bear the office expenses, employee benefits, taxes, and hundreds of hassles to build the app. In the white-label solution, all of those responsibilities will be taken care of by your white-label solution provider. In addition to this, you will get experts’ suggestions throughout your journey if you can work with an experienced white-label VPN solution provider. Discover more about the benefits of white-label VPN here.

Price of White-Label VPN Solution

The cost of a white-label solution varies depending on your features, protocols, platforms, and design. Also, the stand-alone solution costs much higher than the hosted solution. So, it’s really difficult to estimate the exact cost. We need to analyze your requirements (number of platforms, number of servers, features, design complexity, etc.). Feel free to contact us for a free consultation and let us calculate the best pricing according to your requirements. Apparently, you can research online and compare the prices for different companies. But never fall for a cheap company with less expertise. It’s a lifetime investment, so invest it wisely. Learn how to determine the price of white-label VPN pricing here.

How to Choose the Best White-Label VPN?


Before you start working with a company for a white-label solution, check their portfolio. Check carefully the projects they worked on and find out if their expertise and experience match your requirements. You can check our white-label VPN portfolio here.

Protocol Expertise

Protocol expertise is really crucial when it comes to the matter of developing a VPN application. The more protocols you can integrate with your VPN, the more efficient it will be. The popular protocols are OpenVPN, OpenConnect, Shadowsocks, WireGuard, etc. Discover more about VPN protocols here.

Platform Expertise

First, decide how many platforms or operating systems you want to build your app. Usually, we suggest to build your app for 4 major platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. So, check if your solution provider has all of this platform expertise. Learn how to make a VPN app here.

Number of Servers

If you are looking for a hosted solution, check the number of servers they have. The more countries and locations they can cover with their servers, the more efficient your VPN will be.

Security Features

VPN is primarily used for security purposes. So, you must ensure you get the best security features from the solution provider. Hence, check if they can provide AES-256 Encryption, split tuning,  Automatic Kill Switch, DNS Leak Protection, and other security features. Discover the details about different VPN features here.

Dedicated Admin Panel

The Admin panel is required to get updated about revenue, users’ data, subscription report, affiliate management, multi-level reseller management, push management, and other operational tasks. Therefore, ensure they provide you with an excellent admin panel that makes things easier.  Discover more about the VPN admin panel and features here.

Support & Maintenance

As in a white-label solution, the app is designed and developed by a third party, so support and maintenance are crucial. So, ensure your white-label solution provider has a strong support and maintenance team.

Final Thoughts

Starting a VPN business is always challenging but full of opportunities. If you want to enter this industry, you need to have proper technical knowledge and marketing strategy. With a White-label VPN solution, you can stay ahead of the curve if you can choose an experienced and qualified white-label solution provider. Kolpolok Limited is always here to help you if you want to have a white-label VPN for you. We have 6+ years of experience in providing white-label solutions. Popular VPNs like Symlex VPN, Start VPN, Redcard VPN, Noon VPN, etc were designed and developed by us. For more information regarding white-label VPN solutions, you can contact us anytime.

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