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How to Sell VPN Service: The Ultimate Guide

  • 7 minutes Read
  • 23 Oct 2023
  • Khan Al Amin

VPN business is one of the fastest-growing tech businesses in recent years and is expected to continue its growth in the upcoming days. According to Precedence Research, the current market of VPNs is 59.73 billion USD and is expected to reach around 358 billion USD by 2032. If you’re looking to capitalize on this growing market and explore the world of entrepreneurship, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to sell VPN services. Whether you’re a tech-savvy entrepreneur or a newcomer to the world of VPNs, this blog is your one-stop resource for understanding the industry, establishing your VPN service, and successfully marketing and selling it to an ever-expanding audience. Join us and let’s discover how to sell VPN services in a globally competitive market.

Do Market Research

Market research is the most important part of starting a business whether you are selling a VPN or a potato chip. You have to find the countries, regions, and demographics where there is a high demand for VPNs. According to Symlex VPN research, the UAE has the highest rate of VPN adoption in the world (around 43%). Usually, VPNs have high demand in countries or regions where the internet is highly restricted or censored. Countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, etc can be your ideal target market. However, in countries where the internet doesn’t have restrictions, VPN demand is also increasing as it helps people hide their IPs and protect them against any kind of cyber attacks or data breaches. So, you have to set your plan for both established and growing markets.

Understand Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is one of the key factors in generating sales. You need to find their behavior, pain points, financial capabilities, age, gender, etc. Try to create audience segmentation according to these parameters. Then, you need to engage with them and promote your VPN to your target audience. Usually, VPN is popular among gamers, travelers, journalists, digital marketers, corporate executives, and people who are restricted from browsing the internet with full freedom.

Choose Your Business Model

There are several business models for VPNs. You can own a VPN company, become a reseller, or an affiliate marketer. If you own a VPN company you have to take all the responsibilities from VPN development to VPN sales. You need to have a sales and marketing team for it. When you are a reseller, you need to have influence and trust from a community that uses VPNs regularly. On the other hand, if you want to sell VPN as an affiliate marketer, you need to have a strong online presence with quality followers on digital platforms. So, set your business model and do good research on it. Learn more about VPN business models here.

Analyze Your Competitors

Competitor analysis is a crucial part of sales for any business. In the VPN industry, there are a lot of giant companies that are making millions of dollars by selling their VPNs. You can analyze their approaches, strategies, and content to find out how they are selling their VPNs successfully. It’s not necessary to copy their strategy. You just need to learn from them and find a suitable strategy for your business. You can read more about how to make money with a VPN from this article.

Prepare Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is the journey of a customer from being aware of a product to becoming a recurring customer. Choosing the right sales funnel is crucial to selling your VPN. There are many types of sales funnel for different types of businesses. As a VPN is a SaaS product, we recommend the “AARRR” sales funnel to sell a VPN service. Let’s explain it for a clear understanding-

A for Acquisition: You need to acquire the right audience through different marketing channels.

A for Activation: You need to make people use your VPN and get used to it. Offer a free trial if required.

R for Revenue: Once your target customer gets used to your VPN, make them pay for it. You can send emails and push notifications to push them to pay for it.

R for Retention: Take care of your customers and give them excellent customer service so that they become your recurring customers.

R for Referral: Make your customers refer your VPN to their friends, family, and colleagues. Reward them for being a referral.

Discover more about the VPN Sales Funnel here.

Find The Right Platform

You need to find the platforms where your customers are most likely to spend their time. In this digital era, people mostly spend their time on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc). Choose these platforms to promote your VPN. Also, you can promote your VPN on a larger scale (i.e. television). For example, Nord VPN became the official sponsor of Atletico Madrid to create higher brand awareness and reach more people. You can learn more about VPN sales and marketing strategies from this article.

Engage People & Create Awareness

Once you choose the platforms to promote your VPN, create engaging content and connect your audience with you. Let them know your features, offers, and everything about your VPN that will add value to their life. As VPN is mostly used to protect against cyber attacks and to access restricted content, let people know how your VPN will ensure their cybersecurity and freedom of the internet.

Provide Excellent Customer Support

Excellent customer support is the key to recurring sales. It makes people use your VPN repeatedly and be a voice in your support. A VPN app can be built in a month or so, but creating a VPN brand is a long time process. You have to provide 24/7 support to your customers to build trust and generate sales in the long run. Remember, quality support builds trust and trust builds brand loyalty. Discover more on how to start a VPN business here.

How Kolpolok Can Help You

Kolpolok Limited is a VPN app development company providing VPN solutions to global VPN brands. We are helping VPN business owners establish a sustainable business through tech and marketing solutions. We have already worked with some of the global VPN brands like Symlex VPN, Noon VPN, Start VPN, Redcard VPN, etc. Significant numbers of these companies have become multi-million dollar companies with our solutions. If you are planning to start your VPN business, we are here to help you. Feel free to contact us and discuss your VPN project.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the VPN industry represents an ever-evolving and dynamic field with boundless opportunities for those who are willing to venture into it. Throughout this blog, we’ve covered the essential steps and insights required to sell VPN services effectively. From understanding the market and setting up your service to promoting it and ensuring top-notch customer support, you can now possess the knowledge and tools to make your mark in this industry. Remember, the world of online privacy and security is a cornerstone of the modern internet, and your VPN service can play a pivotal role in safeguarding users’ data. So, go forth, armed with the wisdom you’ve gained here, and start your journey to provide the protection and anonymity that countless individuals and businesses are seeking. The path to success in selling VPN services awaits, and we wish you the very best as you navigate it.

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