Project Overview

Symlex Call is another one of our in-house projects with Symlex being the brand name. Symlex Call has a simple goal-for users to be able to video call and voice call at their own convenience and relatively at a low cost.

Our Approach

We made the app as such so that it can be customized by different business owners as they like. We made the user interface for Symlex Call simple and straight-forward for anyone to use. It can also pass calls through any firewall through Symlex Byte Saver, a tunneling software.

Development Tools/Technology/Language

Multimedia Communication Library

Symlex Call Features


●  Get comport with loudspeaker enable

●  Disable, Call hold, Redial, Address Book support.

●  Recent call logs show all call history.

●  Account Balance Information on Screen

●  Supports 3G/4G, GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi for Internet connectivity

●  Runs behind NAT or Private IP.

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