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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs VPN

  • 5 minutes Read
  • 24 May 2023
  • Khan Al Amin

You are a business owner or a C-suite executive of an organization. For how much money will you give a third party access to your sensitive data? If your answer is “For no amount of money can buy your sensitive data,” then let’s dig deeper into how safe your data is. Many cybersecurity challenges, like data breaches, phishing attacks, malware, DNS poisoning, etc can steal your sensitive data. Let’s say you are safe from all of those challenges. Still, your data is stored on your ISP’s server. Anyone can access your data with the help of your ISP. According to statistics, the estimated loss of cyber security attacks will reach around 1.75 Trillion USD within 2025. So, let’s discover why your business needs VPN to protect your data and ensure safety against any cyber-attacks.

What Can Save Your Data?

Organizations (from startups to big names) are spending billions of dollars to ensure the safety of their data. According to Fortune Business Insights, the estimated market value of cybersecurity is around 172 billion dollars and is expected to reach around 450 billion dollars by 2030. Organizations are onboarding cybersecurity experts, training up their employees, using expensive security devices, etc. But who is going to protect your data from ISP? From an individual cybercriminal to the government, anyone can access your data through your ISP. So, the ultimate way of securing your data is to store your data in a secured server.

How Can VPN Protect Your Data?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN creates a secure and private connection between you and the internet. VPN creates an end-to-end encrypted connection between your device and the internet to pass yourself into a different server with a different location. This allows you to hide your IP address and safeguard your data from any authority who wants to spy on you or restrict your internet accessibility. VPN apps are necessary for security, privacy, and accessibility. As it will pass your data into a different server and geo-location, it will be safe from your ISP. You can visit VPN Story for better understanding of VPN usability.

The Concept of Corporate VPN

The concept of corporate VPN is utterly different from personal VPN. A personal VPN is used to hide the location or access websites that are blocked in a particular location. When you are using a personal VPN, your browsing data is stored and processed by the server of your VPN service provider. Though this data is not sold to a third party if it’s a paid VPN, you still can’t rely on it if it’s your company’s sensitive data. For a corporate VPN, your data will pass through a secured tunnel and be stored on your own server. This technology will protect your data from any other third-party intervention.

Reasons Your Business Needs VPN

As discussed earlier, VPN can protect your data from any third-party intervention. In addition to that, Here are some seven key reasons your business needs VPN-

1. Unify Your Company Operation: As your employees use the same server, it will unify your company operations in a single network. You won’t need to stress about different servers and IPs. It will make your operations easier and smoother.

2. Ensure Security: You won’t need to spend a penny on cybersecurity devices or specialists. As your data will pass through an encrypted tunnel and be stored in your own server, there will be no chance of leaking your data.

3. Safeguard Your Remote Employee Data: Cyber attacks increased immensely after the pandemic spread worldwide as employees started working remotely. When someone is working remotely and using their home wifi, there is a higher chance of data breach as most home internet connections use shared IP.

4. Better Marketing Opportunities: Imagine you are a Bangladesh-based company and selling your service in the USA. Definitely, you have to continuously monitor how your and your competitors’ content is performing in the USA. According to Google policy, you will not find the content being served for the USA from Bangladesh. So, if you connect to a VPN, you can easily connect your computer to your preferred location.

5. Access to Geo-restricted Contents: Many countries have restrictions over millions of sites. For example, you can’t access Facebook, Google, and other social media sites in China. In some countries, you can’t access news sites, blog sites, etc. If you are a journalist, news agency owner, or broadcasting agency owner, you must access as many sites as possible. So, a corporate VPN will be a blessing for you.

6. Secured Public Wifi Use: Imagine you are in an annual general meeting in a resort or hotel; all of your employees have to use the hotel wifi to access the internet. Now, your sensitive data might be stolen with this wifi any time. If you use a corporate VPN, your data will be stored on your own server. So, no one will be able to access your employees’ data.

7. Protect You From Cyber Attacks: Popular media of cyber attacks like phishing, DNS poisoning, ransomware attack, etc, becomes more accessible when an attacker knows your IP. As with a corporate VPN, your IP will not be static, making it difficult for cybercriminals to hack or steal your data.

Final Thoughts

It’s been said that prevention is better than cure. Cyber attacks and data breaches can not only cause financial losses but also causes reputational loss. Companies like LinkedIn, Yahoo, JPMorgan, and others suffered from data breaches. So, before you fall into a financial or reputational loss, start using VPN to protect your data. To keep your data safe, Kolpolok has initiated Symlex Layer corporate VPN. With this VPN, your data will be encrypted into a secured bypass and be stored in your own server. ISP, Government, or any other third party can not access your data.

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